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Designs By Kim Johnson

Sea Blue Gluggle Jug

Sea Blue Gluggle Jug

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Available in 3 sizes - 

XL: 1.2 litres, 27 cm high

L: 0,6 litre, 22 cm high

Mini: 0.04 litre, 9 cm high

Both beautiful and bold the Gluggle Jug makes a fantastic centrepiece for all occasions. Its a perfect gift. Not just a jug, as good as the Gluggle Jug is at being a jug with its' eye-catching design it can be used for more decorative purposes. Aside from its decorative value, the practical side isn't just a jug, the Gluggle Jug feels quite at home being used as a vase, decanter or utensil holder you could try popping your pens and stationery in it or even make-up brushes. 

Handmade in the UK

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